Your Baby Will Love This Toy


Raising a child can be one of the most difficult (and rewarding) journeys that we can ever undertake.  With such an arduous task it is important to equip ourselves with all the tools that we can which will make our job all that much easier.  I would like to feature in this article one such tool that we have found extremely helpful in raising our own child.  She has since outgrown it, but while she was a baby she spent countless hours in it, investigating it, jumping in it, and enjoying it.  What is this you ask?  A Fisher-Price Jumperoo of course.

Most children love to jump.  I don’t know what it is in their DNA that makes this possible, it just is.  Our daughter Katie was no exception.  The problem is, when they are really young their desire surpasses their capability.  Katie could not stand up under the weight of her own legs to fulfill her desire to jump about.  Enter the Jumperoo by Fisher-Price.  This neat little device has a seat that you place the baby in.  Securely attached by rubber cords, your baby will be able to jump about and have loads of fun.

While jumping about is one feature it certainly is not the only one.  Surrounding the jumperoo are all sorts of toys that your child will be able to play with.  There are rattles and spinners and color wheels.  Lots of little devices made for little hands.  They will enjoy exploring all that the jumperoo has to offer…and learning along the way.  Our Katie liked one particular toy that we didn’t really think belonged on the jumperoo.  Boy was we wrong.  It was a little plastic bug with cloth wings attached via a green rubber cord.  Katie loved to munch and chomp on the wings of this bug till they dripped with saliva.  Yeech…

One of the greatest features of a jumperoo is what it provides mommy and daddy.  Freedom is pure and simple.  While your happy child is jumping about and exploring the world around them you will be able to tend to the laundry and the cleaning and the “whatever”.  You will be able to get loads done knowing that your child is having one whale of a time as well.

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