Homemade Test To Confirm Pregnancy At Home


Pregnancy means a lot for every woman. Many of them are also much excited to know if they are pregnant. There are also some homemade kits with the help of which one can know the result if she is pregnant. The early signs of pregnancy vary from woman to woman. Some women experience headache, nausea, food cravings, mood swings while others don’t experience even one. So, it becomes important to confirm pregnancy through a reliable test.  It is important to consult a doctor after you detect pregnancy using any one of these methods. Here are some of the household products that can be used to confirm pregnancy. They are easy to use and cost effective also.

  1. Latch test for pregnancy
  2. Pregnancy test using dishwasher
  3. Pregnancy test using chlorine
  4. Pregnancy test using boiling urine
  5. Pregnancy test using home pregnancy kits

Latch test for pregnancy

It is one of the earliest and oldest tests discovered by the ancient Egyptians. In this method, barley seeds are used. Take a bowl; add few barley seeds to it. Pour your urine sample into the bowl. If the seeds germinate, it is a clear indication of pregnancy. If the seeds do not ferment, then you’re not pregnant. This test is 70% accurate.

Pregnancy test using dishwasher

The dishwasher is a common household product found in every house. Collect the morning sample in a container. Then add some amount of urine to the dishwasher. Make sure it is the early morning urine sample. If the dishwasher changes color, it means that you’re pregnant. If the color remains as such, it means that the test is negative.

Pregnancy test using chlorine

Chlorine is present in almost all households in liquid or powdered form. It is used for cleaning swimming pools. It can also be used in detecting pregnancy. For this test, you need a half spoon of chlorine. In a container, put your morning sample urine and add chlorine to it. When adding the chlorine, fizz or froth is produced it means you are pregnant. If no such reaction takes place, then there is no bun in your oven.

Pregnancy test using boiling water

Another easy way to detect pregnancy is to boil your urine. It can be a little messy. You can try this method if you like experimenting. You simply have to take an old heating pan that has not lost its coating yet. Place the pan on the stove and slowly add morning sample urine to it, try not to spill it. If the urine shows milky frothing, then it’s good news – you’re pregnant. If the urine does not show any froth, then you are not pregnant.

Pregnancy test using home pregnancy kits

Home pregnancy kits are a foolproof and easy pregnancy test. You simply have to put some drops of urine on the test. If it turns red, then you have started your journey to motherhood. This is an accurate way of confirming pregnancy at home. This method does not require any hard work nor creates any mess.

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