Children’s Teeth Require Special Attention


We cannot smile properly if we have pain in our teeth or we are suffering from any other oral problem. It is important to have beautiful healthy teeth and gums for an attractive and perfect smile.

A child’s oral care is as important as an adult’s. It is the parent’s responsibility, especially the mother’s because children spend more time with them, to take care of children’s teeth and teach them to make a habit of brushing their teeth regularly twice a day. It is important to protect baby teeth from the start. They should use baby toothbrushes on toddler’s teeth. Babies can get tooth decay from milk during the breastfeeding period. Mothers should clean their gums with a soft cloth.

Mothers can pass cavity-causing bacteria to the babies by kissing them on the mouth, sharing the spoon, or sucking the pacifier. These bacteria can cause cavities of teeth later because babies are more sensitive and have a low immune system. Besides cavities babies can get other dental infections easily so mothers have to be very careful. Children should have dental checkups after their first birthday, which is important before the permanent teeth grow.

Fluoride is as important for children as for adults for the protection of teeth. Ask your Novi dentists if your child is getting enough fluoride in the toothpaste that is necessary for cavity protection. It can be given through drops or supplements if needed. Fluoride is a natural mineral that hardens the enamel of teeth.

Keep checking the diet of your child. Children love to eat junk food and candies, which are not healthy for their teeth. White sugar and carbohydrates containing food can cause acid formation when mixed with saliva and thus produce bacteria which affect the enamel and cause bad breath and cavities in children. Encourage your children to eat healthy food like vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and fruits instead of snacks between the meals. Discourage sweet drinks like colas. Milk and milk-based food give them calcium which is necessary for healthy teeth and bones in growing age.

At the early stage, you have to take care of your child’s teeth by brushing and flossing. Later teach them the proper way so he/she can take care of his/her oral health.

When the child is 6 or 7 years old it loses its baby teeth and adult teeth grow mostly in the same order. Ask your Novi dentists if your child needs a sealant to protect its adult teeth. This is a coating applied to the chewing side of back teeth that protects the enamel of the teeth and keeps them safe from cavities.

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